For some reason, most talking heads were taken aback by Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. Most have blamed a rising tide of populism for MAGA. In truth, American patriots have risen up in order to reclaim national sovereignty and the promises of a fair deal between citizens and their government.

Unfortunately, Congress has yet to fully learn the message of the 2016 election. The GOP alternative to Obamacare is full of waivers that exempt members of Congress and their staffers. In short, the elite gets to keep Obamacare’s provisions, while the rest of us pay for it, via The Hill.

Congressional Republicans just keep stepping in it.

Last month, Ryancare died a deserved death because it did little to reduce the leviathan that was Obamacare.

Now, given the GOP’s inability to actually craft a free market alternative to Obamacare, the goodwill of voters may be about to turn. Healthcare, along with foreign policy decisions, is especially tricky tasks for President Trump.

While a case could be made that American healthcare is not in as bad of shape as most people think, the average American citizen would like to see costs reduced and insurance coverage increased.

Furthermore, President Trump promised to repeal Obamacare. He needs to live up to his word.

The do-nothing nature of Congressional Republicans may be the biggest roadblock to Trump’s agenda. Along with the left’s rogue, “deep state” machinations, Republicans in the House and Senate continue to haggle over the most popular of President Trump’s proposals, especially the building of a border wall with Mexico, via Breitbart.

Fortunately, President Trump’s much-vaunted abilities as a dealmaker may hold the key to ultimate victory. The conservative Freedom Caucus has already approved of the updated American Health Care Act, although more negotiations are likely to continue, via The Blaze.

Hopefully, Republican lawmakers will see the error of their ways in this recent decision to keep their Obamacare benefits. Such scurrilous actions reek of elitism. We, the American people, want the best, most advanced healthcare possible.

We also do not want the rates in Washington, D.C. to horde all the benefits to themselves, too. They have already damaged this country enough; they do not need to make us sicker.

President Trump is a man who listens to the American people. So, with that in mind, let’s shout loud and clear: remove Obamacare for ALL Americans. No exceptions.




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