Nancy Pelosi’s age is starting to catch up with her. During a speech, she garbled words and mispronounced the names of countries. Sad!

We need term limits. We cannot have mentally-declining politicians in office. We need to start holding public mental health exams on these so-called politicians.

Just like Justice Ginsburg, Nancy Pelosi is starting to lose it. We cannot trust her to run our country!

The Left would rather run sick politicians than potentially lose a seat. They would rather sell out our country, so long as it means they stay in power.

We need to end this nonsense. With term limits, we can prevent politicians from nestling in the swamp, like Pelosi.

The mainstream media was quick to bury this story. You likely won’t find it any other place but here, at least for the time being.

We cannot rely on the media anymore, and we need to stay vigilant because the liberals are trying to sneak back into office. Where is the accountability? Why won’t people admit we have a serious problem in Washington?

Thankfully, Donald Trump has exposed the swamp, but the swamp is fighting back. The Left has been throwing everything at Trump, from journalists to deadbeat celebrities. Sad! They need to let Trump work!

We elected Trump into office, and we need to rally behind our president. These liberals will do anything to hurt Americans.

See the video below:


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